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Professional Carpet Cleaning




  Our premium priced carpet cleaning solution is preferred by many professional residential and commercial carpet cleaners. This agent is aimed for a heavy traffic area and minimal residue after cleaning. Nothing is left behind but an invigorating minty fresh fragrance. It is also non-hazardous and completely safe for kids and any pets.

Dry Soil Removal & Agitation


  Pet and human hairs always get tangled and stuck on carpets but it is difficult to visually see them even though they are everywhere and they are not removed by vacuuming. And dirt, dust and so many kinds of nasty bacteria deeply settle down on carpet flooring. 

So even with the Truck Mounted Carpet Cleaning system, just spraying chemicals and extracting with hot water may be able to make carpets look "OK" because the surface of the carpet (the top part of furs) gets cleaned but may not actually "clean". The Dry Soil Remover, James Bond Carpet Cleaning's exclusive equipment, remove all tangled hairs and lifts up all dirt, allergens and any other harmful elements so that they can be extracted



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Stain & Spot Removal


  Stains and spots have been a major cause that some people don't prefer carpet flooring compared to hardwood or vinyl flooring. But no more worries and don't get stressed! Most spills and spots are easily removed with James Bond Carpet Cleaning's regular cleaning process. Some kinds of spots, especially caused by red wine, paint, lipstick, permanent marker and so on are challenging even for many professional carpet cleaners because all stains require special treatment with different methods. Our professionally trained technicians can take care of virtually all stains and spots with our specialty stain removal services. The most important thing to remove a stain is time. Please contact us as soon as it is foamed or spilled so that they can be completely removed.



  Hot Water Extraction (HWE), formally known as steam cleaning, is the process of injecting super-heated cleaning solution at pressure and extracting it back out in the same motion. Truck-mounted means our cleaning engine unit is mounted directly inside our truck and provide powerful pressure and extremely hot water. Truck-Mounted Hot Water Extraction is the number one rated cleaning method by all the major carpet manufacturers.

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  Enjoy the fresh air in the house with a mint fragrance! It usually takes 3~5 hours to dry depending on the kinds, condition of the carpet and environment of the house. Setting a room temperature higher and keeping windows open for the ventilation helps carpet dries quicker. Please let us know if you are sensitive with the wet carpet so that we can use less water than usual.

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